Selling My Kidney on Facebook

Published: Wednesday, 21 August 2013

In between wishing a friend happy birthday and scrolling absently through my news feed I navigated to a Facebook page called “Buy Kidney.”
A broker based in the UK using the name Jeremih Burton, who runs his operation from a Yahoo account, manages the page.  His email ( was public so I asked him for more information.
I have thousands of dollars in student loans and I also have a kidney, both of which I can do without. My alter ego, Ann, enjoys daydreaming about her loans disappearing.
Jorge Vega has hopes of getting out of debt too. Posting online as Luis Fuentes, Jorge is a 27-year-old male Venezuelan with O+ blood, he is trying to sell his kidney. I sent him an email asking why.


A Nice Kind of Trafficking?

Published: Wednesday, 21 August 2013
Just as illegal as drug dealing or prostitution, organ trading does not seem to carry the same stigma. But it’s a dirty business that ties the desperately ill and the desperately poor.
The sex and drug trades chase pleasure and recreational highs, but, just as illegal, the organ trade cloaks itself in compassion.
Traders supply organs to those who can’t get them elsewhere. One person gives another additional years of life, and for his sacrifice is financially compensated.
The trade is understood to leave all parties better off.